PWN Dublin Webinar: Mastering Your Money Mindset

29 September 2022 13:00 IST - 14:00 IST WEBINAR

Wherever you live in the world, chances are you have seen some of this happen and you are constantly hearing about it:

  • The price of living day-to-day is increasing
  • Food, Gas and electricity prices soaring
  • Mortgage interest rates going up 

Everywhere we go we are hearing something scary about the economy, about where the world is going, or bracing ourselves for hard times. In this talk I will discuss how you can navigate through these changing times by developing your mindset! 

These next few months/years do not need to be filled with fear and lack. I can show you how to develop your mindset to feel abundant and prosperous no matter what outside circumstances are showing! 

That means we don’t need to put our lives on hold, we don’t need to live in fear. With the right mindset you can go for that promotion, you can earn more money, you can be open to all of the opportunities that will still be out there, if you choose to see them.

Ninety-some percent of the population keep getting the same results—year in, year out! The same infinite power flows to and through each one of us, and if we had been taught to develop our higher faculties in the first place, we would understand how and why all things are possible meaning the paradigm/mindset wouldn’t control our behaviour and our results. 

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  • Ms Anne Marie Graham
    Founder and CEO Mindset Success Strategies VIEW PROFILE

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