PWN Global is a global movement of people working towards gender balanced leadership through professional development and international, cross-industry, online and in-person networking

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Benefits of membership

PWN offers you a one-stop platform to connect with like-minded professionals from across the world; to develop your skills and competencies, and to share your experience and knowledge. Become a member of the PWN Global community and you can:

  • Access a ready built global professional network that will help you to achieve your career aspirations
  • Learn from diverse sources (local events, mentoring, forums, webinars and dynamic content) how you can advance your career and make a difference to gender balance globally

Become a Corporate Partner and make a difference. We will support you with our corporate services, raise your visibility as a Gender Balanced Organisation and meet your geographical needs with a comprehensive programme. Together we will place gender balance at the very core of your operations.

Connect, share, learn, advance – yourself and the world!

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PWN Dublin

Hello & fáilte (welcome), 

PWN is a career development network for high potential women, where members engage in peer to peer learning via other members and dedicated seminars. Our common objective is to provide women with the tools, networks and support they need to support their career progression aspirations.


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What we offer

  • Balanced Leadership
    Balanced Leadership

    It’s no secret that balanced leadership is no longer simply the ‘right’ thing to do ...

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  • Mentoring

    Become a member and you will be eligible to join our highly regarded mentoring programme. ...

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  • Entrepreneurship

    Currently, 30% of PWN’s global member base identifies themselves as Entrepreneurs. If yo...

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  • Executive forum
    Executive forum

    We recognise that the C-suite leaders amongst our members have some very specific needs an...

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  • Networking / Events
    Networking / Events

    Networking is one of the single most powerful ways to boost your career and contributes to...

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  • Knowledge

    Too much information, not enough time? Let us help you cut though the noise!! We present y...

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6 Questions with 3 Powerful Women

Coca-Cola Directors Share Insights With Employees

6 Questions with 3 Powerful Women: Coca-Cola Directors Share Insights With Employees. Directors Helene D. Gayle (seated, left), Alexis M. Herman and Maria Elena Lagomasino with Coca-Cola President and COO James Quincey and members of the company's Global Women's Leadership Council. (Photo Credit: ) It can be a tough climb to the top levels of business, especially for women.

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