WEBIT Festival Europe

26 - 27 June 2018

PWN Global has been invited to speak at the Webit Festival Europe 2018, a gathering of EU policy makers, global business leaders ranging from Fortune 500 top executives to the world's most impactful and promising founders and entrepreneurs and academia to re:Invent Europe’s Future. Join us?

UPDATE: WEBIT has announced 1000 free* tickets for Webit.Festival Europe for women:
- 250 free tickets for women-coders
- 250 free tickets for women-in-tech (general business, innovation)
- 250 tickets for women in academia and research
- 250 tickets for women in politics.
* 10 EUR handling and transaction fee applies per ticket


To apply, you can click this link: https://www.webit.org/festival/2018/women.php

To learn more about the event in general, click here: http://www.webit.bg/2018/index.php.



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